La Trastienda, Buenos Aires, 12 December 2013

Anastasia La Trastienda-0595 copy Anastasia La Trastienda-0378 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0582 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0578 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0569 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0543 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0533 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0508 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0437 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0376 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0361 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0349 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0345 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0331 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0320 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0310 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0267 copyAnastasia La Trastienda-0219 copy

Photos: Guillermo Ariel Bosch

The Bitter End, New York, 18 August 2013

DSC_2261 DSC_2409


Festival Ciudad Emergente, Buenos Aires, 22 June 2013

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Presentation of Geiser Records Compilation II,  Studio Samsung, Buenos Aires, 27 June 2013

foto samsung soledad irurato 3

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La Trastienda, Buenos Aires, 14 and 15 December 2012

184576_398850740197225_806413034_n (1)60049_398850770197222_407750586_n (1)imageOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     154745_398850730197226_1153210990_n (1)


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